Close up image of an original pheasant collage by artist, Annie Hart.

Cards & Prints
by Annie Hart

Made and printed in North Devon

Over the years I have been inspired by many artists including Henri Rousseau, Vincent Van Gogh, and David Hockney, however the main inspiration for my work is wildlife and nature. I started experimenting with collage when I was given a pile of National Geographic magazines and was impressed by the quality of the paper and the intensity of the colours. The colours used in the printing are so bright and varied and when the paper is ripped the edge of the paper becomes jagged with bits of white showing which looks quite feathery. I first tried a pheasant using this ripping technique and realised how well it worked for feathers. After finishing my first pheasant I then went on to try all sorts of other birds.

I then tried flowers which had the same soft feathery look. Some flowers, like the Allium, have a very crisp, well-defined edge so to achieve this effect I cut the magazine rather than rip it. To achieve the light, watery colour blend in some of the wild flowers I have used watercolour with a fine, black penline to define the detail.

I am constantly thinking of new ideas for my collages and am currently working on a range based on the flora and fauna of coral reefs. As a British artist I am always inspired by visits to other countries and my current set of collages are all inspired by underwater reefs around the world. 

My work is on sale locally in North Devon in the Burton Gallery in Bideford. I am also selling my cards at Durlston Country Park in Swanage which is a nature-lover's paradise and many of my cards feature birds and flowers that can be seen in the park. I also have stands at local Art, Craft and Design Fairs such as at RHS Rosemoor in Torrington. As my work is based on local flora and fauna it will appeal to all those who love wildlife.

I also undertake commissions and would be happy to meet up with you and discuss your requirements. Many of my commissioned pieces have been given as Wedding presents.

Original collage of a pheasant by artist, Annie Hart.
Original collage of a allium by artist, Annie Hart.
Original collage of a oystercatcher by artist, Annie Hart.